Two Halves

[1-01] Choose a Door

Before we were able to enjoy our break, we were dispatched by a Rank 5 named Automanius (dark) to quell a potential uprising in the town square, where people had gathered to protest the reduced food rations.

When we arrived, it seemed odd right away as the majority of the protesters were children. Ciras attempted to determine who had told all of these children to do this, and the only response gathered was “word on the street”.

Unable to dispell the children, Ciras and I took the loudest one (a seven year old girl) into custody. This started a riot which was met with deadly force. As I protected the child in custody from the riot, I noticed that there were many more children killed (71) than we could have been responsible for. When we reported that we were sent to the square by Automanius, nobody seemed to know who he was…

Our situation then became dire the next day. As we approached the room where the royal children were supposed to be, we instead saw 20 Kobolds whom we believed were there to kill the children. Following proper protocol, I darted past the creatures through the door where I thought the children actually were. As I went through the door I was instead in a hallway and disoriented. The rest of our group attacked the Kobolts, who appeared as children once 5 were slain.

With obvious trickery at hand, we were put into jail. A short time later, Automanius appeared in our cell, saying he was gathering loyal soldiers and would save us from our predicament and get us great riches if we joined him and went through his black door. One choice was our death with the royal children still under threat. The other would allow us to get close to this threat and give us the opportunity to neutralize it. Some of the others thought it better to “die for the country” than carry forward our duties and protect the children…

After a while of bickering between us, Automanius appeared again, this time in much brighter clothes. He seemed disoriented and said he had made a mistake, speaking of our other encounter with him as a separate person. In addition to the black door created earlier, he created a white door. He said that by going through that door, we would be able to help figure out the food shortage, but was a little hazy in the details of us being enemies of the state… In the end, the group made the right choice and we walked through the white door.



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