Two Halves

[1-02] Color Blind

After we passed through the white door, we all “awoke” as blue rank 3’s with a deep loyalty to each other and an overwhelming desire to kill Dark Automaneus. We found that the city was now under curfew do to rioting of the lesser of the city’s inhabitants. The cause of the rioting was Lord Carter, who had flipped out. The death of his child during the royal kobalt deception was deemed by him to be an act of retaliation perpetrated by the families of the protesting children who had been killed in the city square. His response was to kill all of the children’s family members, which caused the riots.

We found our belongings in a magic bag, though noted that by using our magic gear, we could be tracked by the state. We also found a very magical note, which seemed to instruct us to get a red folder from the city hall offices.

At this point unaware of the curfew we were confronted by some town guards. Unable to talk our way out or give them the slip, we were forced to dispatch them and hide the bodies in an abandoned shack. From there we made plans to have Lagorel and Endrym pose as a couple getting a child license to scope the office out. Lagorel was recognized and the caused a great scene, though managed to escape without being apprehended.

Ciras was then questioned by Lord Carter and was detained and imprisoned for attempting to steal BLUE folders. In order to bail him out, I sold some of my alchemical items. Now we have spent some of our limited resources only to have Lagorel be identified as a rank 3 without actually getting the needed RED folder…



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