Two Halves

[1-03] Bound By Death

Our group continued to plot and scheme to try to figure out how to get the RED folder. Our next plan was to have myself and Cathal go in to the building and wait until the office closed for lunch around noon. At quarter past noon, Cathal would blow his signal whistle. At that I would cast a spell to open the lock on the door while Endrym and Ciras would throw a thunderstone at the guards to distract them and cover up the noise of my spell.

As we approached the gate to enact this plan, we found that Sue had been added to the pikes out front, a casualty of our earlier failed attempt. The guard also grew in number and were much more thorough in their searches, now restricting and spell components. The chip of mica I needed for that one spell I deftly hid in my coin purse. Against all odds they found the chip and I was forced to check it along with my other belongings. Cathal was able to pass through with his rape whistle, though it was moot at that point.

Trying to make the best of the situation, I decided to go in to the office and see what I could find. The place was packed given that they were short one person. As it passed noon and the clerks wanted to take a lunch, I magically started a fire in the office as a distraction. I helped put the fire out and Kevin, the one in charge thanked me and helped with my paperwork in exchange for keeping quiet about the fire.

Unable to do much else, I followed him out of the office as he locked the door and tucked the key into his pocket. With this I decided to follow him at a safe distance to see where he went for lunch. Cathal and I followed him all the way to his pink house, where he presumably at lunch and returned to the office. With this we decided that we would ambush him the following day. Endrym investigate the house and found his wife and child also lived there.

The next day before noon we attempted to gain entrance into the house. Unable to talk our way in, we smashed the door and subdued the woman and child. Onlookers were frightened away by Endrym’s quick thinking speech about how this house was harboring traitors to Lord Carter.

When Kevin returned home around noon, he rushed in at the sight of the broken door. We subdued him as well. With the key from his pocket, I then cast a spell to make myself look like him.

I went to the gate and attempted to enter the castle. When questioned by the guards, I mumbled “wife’s birthday” to try to avoid suspicion. Again, against all odds one guard spotted the ruse. With that I was apprehended, killed on the spot, and put on the stake. The group would retrieve my body later that night and resurrect me, using only the sacrifice of the group.

The next day Cathal was able to retrieve the red folder, though my memory of this is still hazy, probably due to being killed.



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