Two Halves

Death Rules

Death Rules

This info will be discovered with a Spell craft check of 18. The first Spell Craft check happens the first time someone dies and every time someone else dies the DC decrease by one until PC’s gets access to game mechanics. One spell craft check for PC.

Dark Automanius tried to bind your souls, white Automanius was much weaker and could not change his magic completely. Therefore, your souls are still bound. Upon death, of a party member all living PC’s will roll a 1d6, they will immediately suffer that drain to ability 1- Str 2-Dex, 3- Con, 4-Wis, 5-Int, 6-Chr. The next day they will reroll and suffer that drain to their ability again. Again, example roll a 4 and 5 receive a minus 1 to wis and Int. The following day 3 dice ETC until that player is resurrected. If 4 players are dead are living players, must immediately roll 4 d 6, then the next day 8d6. ETC.

Players cannot be resurrected by cleric they can only be resurrected by other PC. The stand over their body, and will their life back into the body. All Living players, Present or Not will suffer an experience drain = to the experience needed to gain the next level for the deceased character. Example, If the party has 5 players and one is dead. The dead member is level 4. Level 4 requires 9,000 level level 3 is 5 thousand making a difference one 4,000. To resurrect the player all live players must sacrifice a total of 4,000 experience or 1,000 experience a piece. This penalty, is to encourage team work and to represent to bound that Automanius created in you within the portal.

DM Note – In the evil campaign you would of come back as undead.



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