Elven Female Swordmaiden


Lagorel fits the typical elvish mold – quick, nimble, tall and thin with sharp features. Her long hair is always kept in a ponytail, more for the utilitarian functionality rather than for any sort of fashion. The same can be said for her clothing – she disapproves of ornamentation at the expense of function. It is rare to catch her showing any sort of emotion on her face outside of the glimmer of pride that shows whenever she emerges from a contest victorious.

She is proud of her rank 4 status and wields it as a valuable tool whenever the need presents itself. Sometimes coming across a bit haughty, she is quick to act and always does so with purpose. While some might view this as impulsive, Lagorel’s quick action often proves to be the catalyst that leads to broader beneficial results.

Lagorel does not deal well with waste or inefficiencies. She values her time and effort highly and is clearly pained when she feels that either of those are wasted. She also is quick to snap when the proper respect and deference of rank are ignored, viewing that as a significant slight to the efficiency and power of the State which she serves so unerringly.


Academy Exit Interview Executive Summary

Name: Lagorel
Rank: 4
Race: Elf
Proposed Assignment: High profile guard post, perhaps working with the royal families

Profile: Lagorel shows incredible potential. She values order, security and the respect of State Rank. She is easily controllable through that respect should it become necessary.

• Lagorel is a remarkable physical specimen. Her quickness, agility and fine motor control are exceptional, even far beyond what one would expect from her elven heritage (especially given that her mother was [name omitted]).
• Very early on, her trainers identified her skills and begun working with her and the rapier. She gleefully accepted her lessons and became among the best warriors in her class. It is expected that her skills will continue to grow and in time she could become most formidable.
• She readily accepts lessons and has proven to be a most capable student, absorbing teachings (both martial and procedural) quickly.
• She accepts the Fiorean way and the ranking system is natural for her.
• She has excelled when given leadership, although she does require more training before she could be given a role with significant leadership responsibilities.

• Lagorel’s patience wears thin quickly and she can become impulsive at times.
• She has on occasion overreacted in her responses – usually in having to do with disrespecting her Rank or that of those around her.
• When under pressure, she can become haughty and overconfident, despite the work she has put forward to control her sometimes fiery temper.
• While it is clear that the breeding program was successful with her (pairing [name omitted] with Celegon was a stroke of genius – those responsible are to be commended), one would hope that she is able to embrace the more beneficial parts of her father and not succumb to [ omitted].
• Her skills could eventually not only meet, but surpass those of her mother – and to do so with an individual who shows such loyalty should prove to be very useful to the State.

We support that Langorel be granted graduation and a proper assignment for her skillset.


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