Royal Children Slayed


Nerisstine Carter = female Human aged 3. Was a bratty girls that no liked. Her father was a very high ranking noble and was considered for the council. She will not be missed except for by her father and mother.

Udoros Catslove = Female Elf, Sweet young girl who loved sitting on the guards laps and telling stories. She was loved by all and will be sorely missed. Her mother died at during birth (age22) and his father is an 90 is old and senile.

Iantumal Gellantara = Human Male age 6 months. Gellantara is the a nephew of Lady Gwen (Human council member) and is one of 5 brother and sisters. The sibling are all older and range in age from 16-22.

Beltumal Glorygem – Dwarf Male added 2. Son of a wealthy royal family. The Glorygems family controls most of the gold mines and is known as strategic and cheap. The son was serious but well liked.

Horben Wolfswift – Human Male Age 4. Son a noble and a rank 5 hero, is a very powerful Cleric. His father was made rank 5 who commands a group of zealots loyal to his Church. He is a formable man of little means but much influence.


Royal Children Slayed

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