Two Halves

Lagorel - Log 1

While on break, a rank 5 named Automanius came in and informed us of a disturbance in the town square and asked us to investigate and do what we could to end it.

In the square, there was a mob outside, comprised mostly of children. They were insistent that some someone had told them that there would be food dealt out by “the royals”. We tried first to talk reason, but despite our best efforts, many still refused to leave. Endrym and I took an aggressive approach as Vee lit a haywagon on fire to attempt to disperse the mob of surprisingly agile children.

Vee took action and cuffed one of the leaders, a seven year old girl who was singing very loud. At that point the mob went crazy and we were pushed to the regretful conclusion to their disloyalty – violence.

After the battle Cathal and I stayed at the scene and waited for the authorities. We noticed a disturbing thing – there were far more killed than we were responsible for and many of the deaths came from weapons we did not have. Eventually, a few rank 3s arrived. We sent them to get more viable guards. George Thetownguard0, a rank 4 eventually arrived we discussed with him the severity of the situation. He seemed to understand half of the situation: he was concerned about future food riots.

However, he glossed over the fact that some sort of unseen force slayed many of the children. I made sure that George Thetownguard logged in his report all of the deaths with their causes, so as to make sure that it was filed and would match my report. Later, I filed my report detailing every death with the cause, and the 6 of us with the weapons that we have in our possession.

The next day, on the way to our shift, captain Samwise met with us and expressed concern with the events from yesterday, despite the fact that he hadn’t even read our report yet. Then something terrible happened. When we arrived to protect the children, we ran across a swarm of kobolds. We began killing them, but they then turned into our children… after we slew 5.

We were then put into jail. There, Automanius appeared, dressed in black and talked to us. He apparently is recruiting “soldiers” for some sort of army. He offered us fame and riches to join him and betray the State. He disappeared.

Later on, a different version appeared. He stated that he was a different version of Automanius, but it was clear that he was the same, despite his apparent confusion and bright white clothes. He made an offer to free us and disguise our rank so that we could be free.

We have these options ahead of us. Or we can wait to be executed. If only there were some other way…

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