Character Creation and Guide lines

Characters – 20 pt. method, no rolling.
Hit PTs – You can role or take the average.
Traits – Two traits
Starting level 2

Gear = 6,000 worth of gear has been issued to you by the royal guard. All of it has serial numbers and trackers. It is not your gear, and must be returned if you choose to leave the guard or a heavy fine (the death of you immediate family, will be accessed)

Common Backstories – All of you are Level IV citizens of the Fiore. At the age of seven all citizens are tested, and evaluated and you all tested high. You were taken away from your family and raised to be royal soldiers. Life was tough in the royal academy, but all of you exceeded in your particular classes and as a result were assigned the relatively prestigious job of guarding the royal children. (Wizards were chosen to be teachers, Fighters guards, Thieves Royal Food Testers Etc.)

Backstories – You do not need to create an additional backstory as at seven you were raised in the royal academy. All party members know they have it good and are relatively happy, with this world and government, some might dream of higher positions and others might want a little more freedom but by and large the think the current system is good.

Age of other Races -Races do not live for a long time. Elves live to be about 100, Dragons maybe 90, Drawfs 80 and humans 70. The world the will not make sense if races live to long. As things lost in history don’t make sense with 1000 year old elves running around.

NPC’s – Please note that in the beginning you will not be special, most NPC’s you encounter will be level 1 or 2 and some higher. You are a genetically class IV, of V, meaning you are superior generically to 90% of the population but you are nothing truly special.
Don’t be surprised when a bartender is a level 2 bard with a plus 9 perception, and the bouncer is a level two barbarian with 18 str. By level 3 and higher you will start to be better than the general population, but at level 1 and 2 watch you step.

Spell, Food shortage is a major problem and spells to create food have become harder in recent yeast to cast. As a result all create spells are two levels higher. You can only cast one create spell a day.

Character Creation and Guide lines

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