Current Council of Seven Elves

There are seven member on the council – Two elves Two Humans Two dwarves and one Fey or woodland creature currently controlled by a centaur.

To pass any order it takes a positive vote of 5 of the seven. As a result official laws are hard to past.


The Elves are given administrative rights over all the forest their area represents exactly 25% of the kingdom.

The current members, of the council are a brother and sister pair Prince Ricfire Woodsoul and princess Yllaella Woodsoul, who have been in their seats for 15 years. Their father, King Petorin is a fierce proponent of racial corporation and was the one who originally proposed having all the royal families bring their children together to be raised. His hope was this would foster friendship between the races, and that the next generation of royalty could work together, better than the current generation.


Humans control the most land at 45% but a lot of the their land is mainly dessert and plans. They often feel cheated as their land is less valuable.
The current member are Lord Sleven who is a money grubbing merchants whose vote is for sell and Lady Gwen who is famous for abstaining for suggesting more discussing is needed. It is said she has never made a decisions. She often abstains from voting. Her inability to vote, increases grid lock as the 5 positive votes are needed and her not voting makes it more difficult.


Dwarfs of all the races want to be left alone the month they control a mere 10% of the contenant but their land is very valuable. The current two members are a father son combo called Strom “Ginger-Axe” Drokkisson and Krung “Blue-Eyes” Drokkisson. The father loves being grumpy and complaining. He votes screwdely, but come across as cross and grumpy. The son spends his days apologizing for his grumpy father. The son always votes the same of the father and many people have little respect for him on the council.

The fey control 20% of the land. The land they have is garbage, good woods were taken by the elves, good plains were taken by the humans, the fey get swamp lands. Most Fey do not actually live in the lands they control. The Majority of inhabatants, of the Fey lands are actually the dark creatures. People of this land are poor and miserable.

The current leader of the Fey is a centaur named Kyle Fourstrider. Kyle is a centaur taht grew up in the city in human lands He way made lord by the humans and is nothing more than a human cronie.

Current Council of Seven Elves

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