Current - Food Shortages

About 400 years ago to deal with the expanding population, the council of seven put an order out for mass population control, as the continent resources could not support any additional people. Every women at the age of three must go to a cleric and have a spell cast on her to stop any unwanted pregnancies. Each women must petition to have a child with a particular mate and have their genetic potential tested.

However even with the strict controls food resources continue to be stretched and mass food shortages exits. All Races, blame the other races, with the elves blaming the humans, the dwarfs the elves and the humans blaming the dwarfs.

Several investigations have been launched by all races and they all claim that based upon the amount of food grown and the current population, that there should be no food shortage. These reports have done nothing except fuel hatred between the races as every race believes the other races are either hoarding food, or lying about their population.

You have overheard many royals and members of the council arguing about the food shortage, In the last 6 months the shortage have drastically increased racial tensions.

Current - Food Shortages

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