Welcome Comrades

Welcome to the world of Fiore, a land where from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Communism works!!.

To role play in this world, think china. Think if China had magic and could do and implement communsion correctly. You are all comrades and life is good.

Below is a list of examples of how the world works, it is not all inclusive and more will be added as I have time however I hope they give you an idea of the world you live it.

RANK – If you are going to run a country according to their ability, you must first test their ability, luckily this can be done by magic. At 7, every child is test and given a rank. They are then taken from their birth family and put with a family of the proper rank.

Rank 0 – Orcs, goblins evil races are all race zero, the empire keeps a set number of them alive to for mining and other jobs that no respectable race would do.

Rank 1, Peasants, they are treated with respect but must recognize that they are inferior and cannot own land.

Rank 2, Merchants, and builders, Farmers, They own land and are given some rights, it is the second level class that is in charge of making sure the peasants have a place to sleep and eat.

Rank 3) Are highly skilled merchants and crafts man, Own larger farms, or shops, in cities. Many Wizards and Clerics are part of this class

Rank IV) are members of the government and soldiers.

Rank 5) Must be earned and reserved for truly gifted individuals. Rank 5 word is the law, they by nature of their rank alone can make rule and set precedent. No One can be born into this rank it must be earned.

Royal families – Rank above all others, their word is law, This is the only rank based solely on heredity. To ensure that this rank maintains its superior genetic the royal family can only mate with members of the royal family or Rank 5 members.

Birth Control – The continent cannot support any more people without a shortage of resources as a result the royals implemented a birth control. At the age of 3 all women are made infertile and can only become pregnant b magical means. When a couple wants to have a baby, they must petition the government, for the right. They are magically tested to see generically capacity of their offspring and based upon the results given the number of children they can have.

The Ratio of Elves, Dwarfs and humans are kept at exactly 25% each, 20% is reserved for Gnomes, half lings, Fey Giants ETC. 5% is reserved for evil creatures such as goblins orc ETC.
No elf can be born without an elf dying this way the balance has been maintained for centuries.

Currently, there are 1.25 M humans, 1.25 million elves, 1.25 Dwarves, 1.0M (Halflings, Gnomes, Fey Giants) and 250,000 darks creatures.

Free Speech – Free speech is encouraged as long as it agrees with the laws and principles of the royal family. Any thing that does not agree with the Royal family is treason and treated as such.

Two Halves

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