Two Halves

[1-07] The Ambusing Unseen & Raiding Undead

Again we met with Lord Crudak who instructed us to head to the elven city Alger to find Lady Marmalade. Alger is the most elven city in the word, and in times of peace would take 10 days of travel to reach. He noted that horses packed with supplies had been prepared for our journey and await us at the stables. As we approached the stables we were attacked by invisible archers. We were fortunate that the archers were not very good marksmen, as the only way we were able to find and damage them were through Endrym’s magic attacks. Eventually they seemed to grow bored and retreated, laughing that they would see us soon. As the others went to ready the horses from the stables, Endrym & I returned to speak with Crudak’s assistant to procure something to help us fight the invisibles. Unable to provide us with anything magical, we settled for crushed chalk, which should give us a brief window during which we can determine their location.

Not long into the first day of our journey, we were approached by a small boy named Nelson who’s parents were killed by orcs. While Endrym was initially unwilling to help the boy, we eventually agreed to return to his home so he could gather his belongings and go to his Aunt’s house. Once we reached the farmhouse, we found it had been completely ransacked, devoid of even the dead bodies of his family. With everyone ready to battle some orcs, and none to be found, I blew the orc signal horn. A short time lates, 16 orcs marched toward the farmhouse. While the battle went our way, the orcs we bested were some sort of undead monsters, resistant to damage save for bludgeoning. With the monsters defeated, we parted ways with Nelson, who went to his Aunt’s house as we continued on our journey.

[1-06] Shadow Masters

After speaking to Lord Crudak and explaining the food shortage and breeding of the Dark races, he was understandably skeptical. If we could prove this, we would be his welcome house guests. If not, we’d be treated as I assume Lard Carter treats his in-laws…

He sent us out with two guards Brees and Manning to the city’s food disbursement center to investigate the drivers there. We compared the driver’s to their shadows. Two pairs seemed like they were probably drow, with shadows too narrow for their frames, and one pair was certainly goblin with their shadows much too short. When we showed the guards, they could not tell the difference in the least bit. Knowing we would need proof, Endrym slyly approached the goblin pair by himself and spoke to them in goblin. He said that our group was trying to uncover the ruse, and they acknowledged this message by arming themselves.

Unsure if Brees and Manning truly could not see the shadows or were corrupt, and knowing we needed proof, our group charged into battle. As soon as we attacked the goblin pair, all the other drivers came to their defense. We slayed the goblin pair and two of the drow, while the others ran off. Showing the armor of the goblins to the guards was proof enough, and we gathered the bodies to head back to the castle.

At this time, the other drivers reemerged with reinforcements saying we were on to them and to not let the corpses get taken. Brees and Manning ran off with one corpse and left us behind to fend off the dark drivers. After defeating this group we began searching the caravans. When even more reinforcements arrived, we hightailed it back to the castle.

We spoke to Lord Crudak and presented our proof. When we asked if there was anything else he should know, we responded “no”. With that, our old captain was brought in to the room to identify some of us. We explained the Automaneus story to him. With that, the guards were brough back in and the captain was killed to protect our (and now Crudak’s) secret.

Later that night Light Automaneus appeared in our room. He said to protect the capital and to do so, we needed to get the Elves and Dwarves back. Once we reunite the kingdom, he will appear again.

In the morning we spoke again to Lord Crudak, who was able to get us replacement items for our old tracked magical equipment. The situation in the world has grown more dire, as there are reports that cities have overthrown their governments, killing rank 4’s & 5’s. We were then given our next task, find Lady Marmalade and convince the elves to return to the city. She is a friend of Crudak, and has been blamed for Lord Carter’s assassination. We were also told that we must keep our true identities secret. Anyone who identifies us will be killed to keep Crudak’s knowledge of us safe.

We were then given two notes, one with his seal (that is actually a forgery to protect Crudak in the event we are caught with it) to get us out of any tight spots, and a second that is for Lady Marmalade.

Lagorel - Log 5

We had decided to follow a food cart and were waiting to do so, but while wandering around, we ran across Automanius (dark) and a mob of orcs around him. He slaughtered 4 elves in front of him and then 2 unranked drow and 2 orcs immediately turned into the slaughtered elves. Automanius (dark) went by and ran into Endrym saying “Damn invisibles. Someone kill them.” So, we’re invisible to him and there are more of us. Interesting.

Endrym led the way into the administrative building where he deftly handled the front office clerk and we went to talk to the master of beaurocracy who handed us forms that we were to use to cover the tracks of moving food supplies.

At that time, our note highlighted again with a mention of Lord Crudak in the capital – it seems like that is where we need to go.

On our way to Fiore, we first came across our friend who gave us the meager food that she could on our way out. Her head was on a stake and the farmers attacked us. We slew many and left the rest to tehir fate. Shorly thereafter, we ran across a group of elves fleeing the city. They reported to us that all elves had been declared “red”.

We stopped at a tavern to look for a place to stay, but quickly realized that it was not a place that we were going to be able to get any sound sleep and left. Along the way, we were attacked by a group of elven rogues who demanded that we pay them a toll. They fought incredibly well – I can see why the humans would be so eager to get rid of the elves – true warriors that they are.

We made it up to the city gates and talked with the guard. There is a curfew, but perhaps tomorrow it would open. The elves have left, after allegations that they slew Lord Carter.

The next morning, we were able to enter through the open gates and saw the devastated city. Clearly there had been riots and much damage had been caused. Vee made a sacrifice to learn more and learned of a way to enter the castle.

Eventually, we did meet with Lord Crudak and shared what we knew of Khost and the food thefts.

[1-04] Breeding Ground

With the red folder in hand, Kevin and his family dispatched, and their rations in our bags, we set out for the two day journey to Khost. The first day was quiet and we found a farm manor to spend the night at. With only a potato to spare, Endrym decided that the female elf owner should not be required to offer up any additional support.

In the morning, we decided not to attempt to procure any of the pig slop to purify as the pigs looked to need it more than us. Along the way on the second day we were passed by a fat human man, driving his caravan full of a dozen or so slaves. He said he was taking them to Khost, as they are paying the best price. Ciras noted that many of the orcs inside the caravan were pregnant females.

As we neared one of the guard posts for Khost, Endrym noted what sounded like an orc language being spoken in the guard hut. However, four dwarves emerged, and told us we had no business in Khost. When we refused to be on our way, one blew a signal horn and a battle ensued. We dispatched the dwarves, looted the bodies and hut and doubled back before their reinforcements arrived. We noticed that the armor they were wearing seemed much larger once we took it off.

We rested for the night and decided to approach a different guard post in the morning, posing as slavers looking to inquire about pricing. Again, this guard post housed four dwarves. When we said we wished to speak about slave prices, they had us go into the hut as one went to retrieve someone who could better help us. When the sound of a large boulder being dragged to the door was heard, another battle ensued. Three of the four were defeated, with the fourth retreating into the city. Endrym noted that their shadows were much larger than that of dwarves. One of the orcs we defeated was still alive, so we took him away to question him. After some interrogation, he finally began to speak in orc. Just as he did so, he was struck dead by some sort of magic, His dwarf form disappeared, leaving an un-ranked orc corpse.

Next we decided to avoid the guard post and sneak into the city. When we got there we were questioned as to what we were doing. We said we were looking for the slaver that had passed us prior, investigating reports that he was selling poor quality wares. When the guard asked what race he was, “human” was not the response he was looking for. I quickly signaled to Endrym to speak in orc to the “dwarf”, who then responded in kind, noting that we should have said he was an orc. With that we made our way into the city.

We discovered that the few “dwarves” scattered near the city walls as guards were really all orcs being shrouded in magic. Inside the city we saw many pregnant orcs, as well as many younger orcs without rank markings. Food scraps littered the ground as the surplus of food was astounding. We saw more caravans of food being brought into the city as well. This, along with the slaver having pregnant orcs, leads us to believe that they are growing an army here, perhaps being aided by Dark Automanius’ magic.

Unable to talk our way into upgrading our weapons at the armory, we decided that we would tail one of the food wagons as it left the city. Fortunately it is high-noon at the moment, so the fact that our shadows are not actually the size of an orc will be unlikely to be noticed as we make our way out of the city.

Lagorel - Log 4

After spending a few days in hiding, it became obvious that it was time to rejoin the group. I was filled into some awful, yet clearly requisite activities and we had acquired the red folder and should be on our way to Khost.

Along the way we ran across a farm where we spent the first night, taking quarter and a thin potato soup. The next day we noted that the farms seemed to become less frequent, but more disturbingly, less used – they looked abandoned.

Along the way we ran across a wagon with a large man on it who spoke in a low voice. In his wagon we saw orcs and several pregnant women.

Upon arriving at Khost, we were confronted by dwarven guards who were preventing us from entering the city for some reason or another. It seemed quite odd that they were so determined to keep us out of this small slave city. We fought a rough battle, but did emerge victorious. Endrym Thaskune, the master of shadows, pointed out that these dwarves cast shadows too big for their bodies.

As the reinforcements arrived, we left the scene and decided to come up with another plan of entry. This plan worked out the same ast he last one. We fought 4 fake dwarves. The last one we took captive. Ciras was able to prove that there is some sort of illusion here disguising the orcs as dwarves and perhaps more importantly – our captive has no rank.

In Khost, we saw a food wagon arrive – which was odd. Khost produces more food than they consume. Unloading the wagon were 4 women – two of which were pregnant. This was interesting as we thought back to our earlier interaction of pregnant slaves being brought here.

Death Rules
Death Rules

This info will be discovered with a Spell craft check of 18. The first Spell Craft check happens the first time someone dies and every time someone else dies the DC decrease by one until PC’s gets access to game mechanics. One spell craft check for PC.

Dark Automanius tried to bind your souls, white Automanius was much weaker and could not change his magic completely. Therefore, your souls are still bound. Upon death, of a party member all living PC’s will roll a 1d6, they will immediately suffer that drain to ability 1- Str 2-Dex, 3- Con, 4-Wis, 5-Int, 6-Chr. The next day they will reroll and suffer that drain to their ability again. Again, example roll a 4 and 5 receive a minus 1 to wis and Int. The following day 3 dice ETC until that player is resurrected. If 4 players are dead are living players, must immediately roll 4 d 6, then the next day 8d6. ETC.

Players cannot be resurrected by cleric they can only be resurrected by other PC. The stand over their body, and will their life back into the body. All Living players, Present or Not will suffer an experience drain = to the experience needed to gain the next level for the deceased character. Example, If the party has 5 players and one is dead. The dead member is level 4. Level 4 requires 9,000 level level 3 is 5 thousand making a difference one 4,000. To resurrect the player all live players must sacrifice a total of 4,000 experience or 1,000 experience a piece. This penalty, is to encourage team work and to represent to bound that Automanius created in you within the portal.

DM Note – In the evil campaign you would of come back as undead.

[1-03] Bound By Death

Our group continued to plot and scheme to try to figure out how to get the RED folder. Our next plan was to have myself and Cathal go in to the building and wait until the office closed for lunch around noon. At quarter past noon, Cathal would blow his signal whistle. At that I would cast a spell to open the lock on the door while Endrym and Ciras would throw a thunderstone at the guards to distract them and cover up the noise of my spell.

As we approached the gate to enact this plan, we found that Sue had been added to the pikes out front, a casualty of our earlier failed attempt. The guard also grew in number and were much more thorough in their searches, now restricting and spell components. The chip of mica I needed for that one spell I deftly hid in my coin purse. Against all odds they found the chip and I was forced to check it along with my other belongings. Cathal was able to pass through with his rape whistle, though it was moot at that point.

Trying to make the best of the situation, I decided to go in to the office and see what I could find. The place was packed given that they were short one person. As it passed noon and the clerks wanted to take a lunch, I magically started a fire in the office as a distraction. I helped put the fire out and Kevin, the one in charge thanked me and helped with my paperwork in exchange for keeping quiet about the fire.

Unable to do much else, I followed him out of the office as he locked the door and tucked the key into his pocket. With this I decided to follow him at a safe distance to see where he went for lunch. Cathal and I followed him all the way to his pink house, where he presumably at lunch and returned to the office. With this we decided that we would ambush him the following day. Endrym investigate the house and found his wife and child also lived there.

The next day before noon we attempted to gain entrance into the house. Unable to talk our way in, we smashed the door and subdued the woman and child. Onlookers were frightened away by Endrym’s quick thinking speech about how this house was harboring traitors to Lord Carter.

When Kevin returned home around noon, he rushed in at the sight of the broken door. We subdued him as well. With the key from his pocket, I then cast a spell to make myself look like him.

I went to the gate and attempted to enter the castle. When questioned by the guards, I mumbled “wife’s birthday” to try to avoid suspicion. Again, against all odds one guard spotted the ruse. With that I was apprehended, killed on the spot, and put on the stake. The group would retrieve my body later that night and resurrect me, using only the sacrifice of the group.

The next day Cathal was able to retrieve the red folder, though my memory of this is still hazy, probably due to being killed.

[1-02] Color Blind

After we passed through the white door, we all “awoke” as blue rank 3’s with a deep loyalty to each other and an overwhelming desire to kill Dark Automaneus. We found that the city was now under curfew do to rioting of the lesser of the city’s inhabitants. The cause of the rioting was Lord Carter, who had flipped out. The death of his child during the royal kobalt deception was deemed by him to be an act of retaliation perpetrated by the families of the protesting children who had been killed in the city square. His response was to kill all of the children’s family members, which caused the riots.

We found our belongings in a magic bag, though noted that by using our magic gear, we could be tracked by the state. We also found a very magical note, which seemed to instruct us to get a red folder from the city hall offices.

At this point unaware of the curfew we were confronted by some town guards. Unable to talk our way out or give them the slip, we were forced to dispatch them and hide the bodies in an abandoned shack. From there we made plans to have Lagorel and Endrym pose as a couple getting a child license to scope the office out. Lagorel was recognized and the caused a great scene, though managed to escape without being apprehended.

Ciras was then questioned by Lord Carter and was detained and imprisoned for attempting to steal BLUE folders. In order to bail him out, I sold some of my alchemical items. Now we have spent some of our limited resources only to have Lagorel be identified as a rank 3 without actually getting the needed RED folder…

Lagorel - Log 2

After a tense few hours wherein we debated amongst ourselves on which door to take, we were presented with the options and chose the white door.

Upon passing through, the feeling was intense. Are we even the same people? My stomach is still queasy even as I write this. I cannot image what happened, but one thing is clear. Automanius (dark) must die.

We’ve been made rank 3s.

We found our way back to Massacre Square wherein we entered Ted’s Fish Fry and talked to Ted, the owner. He explained that one of the children slain was the child of Lord Carter, who chose to exact revenge on many more, spreading the slaughter to the families of the common children who were killed.

While we attempted to figure out what to do, some town guards came upon us. We engaged in a heated battle that saw several of our number fall – myself, Cathal and Ciras.

We did emerge victorious and after quickly searching the bodies, we took flight and found an abandoned building to hide in. Our plan was for Endrym and I to pose as a couple looking to obtain a child license, however it quickly went astray. Sue, a woman I had met while in the Academy happened to be working and recognized me. Just like she was back then, she proved to be a pain in the ass and we had to run.

Along the way, Ciras was somehow apprehended and we’ve not heard from him. We’re worried that he’ll give away our safehouse, so we left a note that only he would possibly understand.

[1-01] Choose a Door

Before we were able to enjoy our break, we were dispatched by a Rank 5 named Automanius (dark) to quell a potential uprising in the town square, where people had gathered to protest the reduced food rations.

When we arrived, it seemed odd right away as the majority of the protesters were children. Ciras attempted to determine who had told all of these children to do this, and the only response gathered was “word on the street”.

Unable to dispell the children, Ciras and I took the loudest one (a seven year old girl) into custody. This started a riot which was met with deadly force. As I protected the child in custody from the riot, I noticed that there were many more children killed (71) than we could have been responsible for. When we reported that we were sent to the square by Automanius, nobody seemed to know who he was…

Our situation then became dire the next day. As we approached the room where the royal children were supposed to be, we instead saw 20 Kobolds whom we believed were there to kill the children. Following proper protocol, I darted past the creatures through the door where I thought the children actually were. As I went through the door I was instead in a hallway and disoriented. The rest of our group attacked the Kobolts, who appeared as children once 5 were slain.

With obvious trickery at hand, we were put into jail. A short time later, Automanius appeared in our cell, saying he was gathering loyal soldiers and would save us from our predicament and get us great riches if we joined him and went through his black door. One choice was our death with the royal children still under threat. The other would allow us to get close to this threat and give us the opportunity to neutralize it. Some of the others thought it better to “die for the country” than carry forward our duties and protect the children…

After a while of bickering between us, Automanius appeared again, this time in much brighter clothes. He seemed disoriented and said he had made a mistake, speaking of our other encounter with him as a separate person. In addition to the black door created earlier, he created a white door. He said that by going through that door, we would be able to help figure out the food shortage, but was a little hazy in the details of us being enemies of the state… In the end, the group made the right choice and we walked through the white door.


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