Two Halves

Lagorel - Log 5

We had decided to follow a food cart and were waiting to do so, but while wandering around, we ran across Automanius (dark) and a mob of orcs around him. He slaughtered 4 elves in front of him and then 2 unranked drow and 2 orcs immediately turned into the slaughtered elves. Automanius (dark) went by and ran into Endrym saying “Damn invisibles. Someone kill them.” So, we’re invisible to him and there are more of us. Interesting.

Endrym led the way into the administrative building where he deftly handled the front office clerk and we went to talk to the master of beaurocracy who handed us forms that we were to use to cover the tracks of moving food supplies.

At that time, our note highlighted again with a mention of Lord Crudak in the capital – it seems like that is where we need to go.

On our way to Fiore, we first came across our friend who gave us the meager food that she could on our way out. Her head was on a stake and the farmers attacked us. We slew many and left the rest to tehir fate. Shorly thereafter, we ran across a group of elves fleeing the city. They reported to us that all elves had been declared “red”.

We stopped at a tavern to look for a place to stay, but quickly realized that it was not a place that we were going to be able to get any sound sleep and left. Along the way, we were attacked by a group of elven rogues who demanded that we pay them a toll. They fought incredibly well – I can see why the humans would be so eager to get rid of the elves – true warriors that they are.

We made it up to the city gates and talked with the guard. There is a curfew, but perhaps tomorrow it would open. The elves have left, after allegations that they slew Lord Carter.

The next morning, we were able to enter through the open gates and saw the devastated city. Clearly there had been riots and much damage had been caused. Vee made a sacrifice to learn more and learned of a way to enter the castle.

Eventually, we did meet with Lord Crudak and shared what we knew of Khost and the food thefts.



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