Vincent (Vee) Rowlett

Human Male Cleric Bodyguard


Human Male Cleric 6’2" 235 lbs
Long black hair & medium length black beard
When addressed “by name” by the royal children/family, they address him as “Vee”


Works as bodyguard, staying close to the target.
Keeps attackers at bay with his longspear and is able to provide healing aid to the target as well.
As bodyguard, has honed his ability to identify trouble and stay calm under duress. When the target is secured, he leaps and tumbles into the fray to eliminate the threat.

While he is a cleric, he does not worship a particular deity. Instead worships the ideals that help him best perform his functions, Tactics & Deception.
With his lower charisma, lawfulness and ideal of Tactics, others could find him annoying at times given his strict adherance to proper bodyguard protocol.
The ideal of Deception has led him to study the ways of alchemy and has allowed him to craft items such as Thunderstones & Tanglefootbags.
He utilizes these to disorient & hinder would-be assailants and get the target to safety.

He is very strong. His agility and stamina are better than average.
He has good willpower, common sense, awareness & intuition.
While not a natural leader, is able to aid in forming plans, though sometimes misses the big picture while mired in the details.

Vincent (Vee) Rowlett

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