Two Halves

[1-06] Shadow Masters

After speaking to Lord Crudak and explaining the food shortage and breeding of the Dark races, he was understandably skeptical. If we could prove this, we would be his welcome house guests. If not, we’d be treated as I assume Lard Carter treats his in-laws…

He sent us out with two guards Brees and Manning to the city’s food disbursement center to investigate the drivers there. We compared the driver’s to their shadows. Two pairs seemed like they were probably drow, with shadows too narrow for their frames, and one pair was certainly goblin with their shadows much too short. When we showed the guards, they could not tell the difference in the least bit. Knowing we would need proof, Endrym slyly approached the goblin pair by himself and spoke to them in goblin. He said that our group was trying to uncover the ruse, and they acknowledged this message by arming themselves.

Unsure if Brees and Manning truly could not see the shadows or were corrupt, and knowing we needed proof, our group charged into battle. As soon as we attacked the goblin pair, all the other drivers came to their defense. We slayed the goblin pair and two of the drow, while the others ran off. Showing the armor of the goblins to the guards was proof enough, and we gathered the bodies to head back to the castle.

At this time, the other drivers reemerged with reinforcements saying we were on to them and to not let the corpses get taken. Brees and Manning ran off with one corpse and left us behind to fend off the dark drivers. After defeating this group we began searching the caravans. When even more reinforcements arrived, we hightailed it back to the castle.

We spoke to Lord Crudak and presented our proof. When we asked if there was anything else he should know, we responded “no”. With that, our old captain was brought in to the room to identify some of us. We explained the Automaneus story to him. With that, the guards were brough back in and the captain was killed to protect our (and now Crudak’s) secret.

Later that night Light Automaneus appeared in our room. He said to protect the capital and to do so, we needed to get the Elves and Dwarves back. Once we reunite the kingdom, he will appear again.

In the morning we spoke again to Lord Crudak, who was able to get us replacement items for our old tracked magical equipment. The situation in the world has grown more dire, as there are reports that cities have overthrown their governments, killing rank 4’s & 5’s. We were then given our next task, find Lady Marmalade and convince the elves to return to the city. She is a friend of Crudak, and has been blamed for Lord Carter’s assassination. We were also told that we must keep our true identities secret. Anyone who identifies us will be killed to keep Crudak’s knowledge of us safe.

We were then given two notes, one with his seal (that is actually a forgery to protect Crudak in the event we are caught with it) to get us out of any tight spots, and a second that is for Lady Marmalade.



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