Two Halves

[1-07] The Ambusing Unseen & Raiding Undead

Again we met with Lord Crudak who instructed us to head to the elven city Alger to find Lady Marmalade. Alger is the most elven city in the word, and in times of peace would take 10 days of travel to reach. He noted that horses packed with supplies had been prepared for our journey and await us at the stables. As we approached the stables we were attacked by invisible archers. We were fortunate that the archers were not very good marksmen, as the only way we were able to find and damage them were through Endrym’s magic attacks. Eventually they seemed to grow bored and retreated, laughing that they would see us soon. As the others went to ready the horses from the stables, Endrym & I returned to speak with Crudak’s assistant to procure something to help us fight the invisibles. Unable to provide us with anything magical, we settled for crushed chalk, which should give us a brief window during which we can determine their location.

Not long into the first day of our journey, we were approached by a small boy named Nelson who’s parents were killed by orcs. While Endrym was initially unwilling to help the boy, we eventually agreed to return to his home so he could gather his belongings and go to his Aunt’s house. Once we reached the farmhouse, we found it had been completely ransacked, devoid of even the dead bodies of his family. With everyone ready to battle some orcs, and none to be found, I blew the orc signal horn. A short time lates, 16 orcs marched toward the farmhouse. While the battle went our way, the orcs we bested were some sort of undead monsters, resistant to damage save for bludgeoning. With the monsters defeated, we parted ways with Nelson, who went to his Aunt’s house as we continued on our journey.



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