Two Halves

Lagorel - Log 2

After a tense few hours wherein we debated amongst ourselves on which door to take, we were presented with the options and chose the white door.

Upon passing through, the feeling was intense. Are we even the same people? My stomach is still queasy even as I write this. I cannot image what happened, but one thing is clear. Automanius (dark) must die.

We’ve been made rank 3s.

We found our way back to Massacre Square wherein we entered Ted’s Fish Fry and talked to Ted, the owner. He explained that one of the children slain was the child of Lord Carter, who chose to exact revenge on many more, spreading the slaughter to the families of the common children who were killed.

While we attempted to figure out what to do, some town guards came upon us. We engaged in a heated battle that saw several of our number fall – myself, Cathal and Ciras.

We did emerge victorious and after quickly searching the bodies, we took flight and found an abandoned building to hide in. Our plan was for Endrym and I to pose as a couple looking to obtain a child license, however it quickly went astray. Sue, a woman I had met while in the Academy happened to be working and recognized me. Just like she was back then, she proved to be a pain in the ass and we had to run.

Along the way, Ciras was somehow apprehended and we’ve not heard from him. We’re worried that he’ll give away our safehouse, so we left a note that only he would possibly understand.



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