Two Halves

Lagorel - Log 4

After spending a few days in hiding, it became obvious that it was time to rejoin the group. I was filled into some awful, yet clearly requisite activities and we had acquired the red folder and should be on our way to Khost.

Along the way we ran across a farm where we spent the first night, taking quarter and a thin potato soup. The next day we noted that the farms seemed to become less frequent, but more disturbingly, less used – they looked abandoned.

Along the way we ran across a wagon with a large man on it who spoke in a low voice. In his wagon we saw orcs and several pregnant women.

Upon arriving at Khost, we were confronted by dwarven guards who were preventing us from entering the city for some reason or another. It seemed quite odd that they were so determined to keep us out of this small slave city. We fought a rough battle, but did emerge victorious. Endrym Thaskune, the master of shadows, pointed out that these dwarves cast shadows too big for their bodies.

As the reinforcements arrived, we left the scene and decided to come up with another plan of entry. This plan worked out the same ast he last one. We fought 4 fake dwarves. The last one we took captive. Ciras was able to prove that there is some sort of illusion here disguising the orcs as dwarves and perhaps more importantly – our captive has no rank.

In Khost, we saw a food wagon arrive – which was odd. Khost produces more food than they consume. Unloading the wagon were 4 women – two of which were pregnant. This was interesting as we thought back to our earlier interaction of pregnant slaves being brought here.



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